Guernésiais is the language of Guernsey. I pray to none; my belief is that which I know. Nou vou swaet en Bwaunn Nouveeel Aunaye Pee-oynn-d Peee eee Praussperreetaye! Des Poemes en Guernésiais by Renée Jehan - not written with phonetics but has a glossary at the back. The new Guernsey Language Commission has been set up to help save Guernsey's own language… The last few years have seen a growing international awareness of the Isle of Man success story that is the revival of interest in the language. Guernsey has an English dialect called Guernsey English. ", Believe you can and you're already half way there. Guernsey Language Commission added a new photo — at Torteval Church Hall. 2 were here. Quànd nou n'peut pas ouvri la haeche, nou saoute par dessus! Names for projects / groups / organisations. ‘Guernesiais has been a unique feature of the island’s history and culture for hundreds of years, but the language is now facing the possibility of extinction in just the next few years,’ said committee president Matt Fallaize. A new language commission is to be set up to help promote and protect the use of Guernsey French. J'peu paa shaejié la directiaon du vau, mei j'peu trimai mei veil ké j'gaun terrou/pour terrou gaunié ma destinaaciaon, Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, "I'm possible. "Recycling" or use the A-Z below to find contact details for the service area you need. Fow essperraye kee-n frah pwee troh freh sht-eevar. Let's Learn Guernsey's Language by Yan Marquis & Jo Dowding - this is a topic-by-topic introduction to the language and has an accompanying You Tube channel (also available to download for free from Guernsey Museums website here). A small parcel on a long journey begins to weigh heavily. In January 2018, Island Language LBG was formed as a non-profit group to promote Guernesiais learning. Ya daei maunierr d'ettaud du jeur: aet la chaedeil ou lé miraei ki-l mirr. At some schools, it is offered as an option after-school or during lunchtimes and these sessions are taught by an independent team of volunteers. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Here are some: The Guernsey Language Commission's You Tube Channel. It wants to provide £100,000 a year for the next three years with a reformed Guernsey Language Commission. Get in touch with Jo on 747264 or and she will put you in touch with a member of Ley Bohti. The 2001 census revealed Guernesiais was spoken daily by about 1,300 people. Register to vote. 01481 712706. ', Chu meis nou célèbra lé jour dla Liberâtiaon, et coum nou di, 'Faot daon s'en ermaette et célébraï! La Feugère used also to mean Fern, but this word is now thought to be obsolete? This month we celebrate Easter, so we which you a Happy Easter! Saluts d'la Saisaon (Greetings of the Season), Congratulations on the day of your wedding, Félicitâtiaons pour lé jour dé vos neuches. I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. English, in various dialects, is the most widely spoken language of the United Kingdom, but a number of regional languages are also spoken. Folklore of Guernsey by Marie de Garis - this includes some fascinating stories, poems and expressions which use the language. Naut pehrr k'eee o s-yeehl, benee nan(g), nou-t pree, benee shutt maushzree eee leee s-yau kee l'an(g) prepahraye, o nan(g) deh Jehzu-Chreest, Ahmen, Good afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen. M'au veee veee leh CF DJERR-nehz-yeee aun-yeh ah Footes Lane. Charity No: CH601 The Priaulx Library has a corner upstairs dedicated to Guernsey language. J'ai pas d'lives; mes mémouéres saont mes lives. It's the start of the Town Carnival on 15th of this month, let's all go and see it then. The commission said it is allocating 100 million euros (£89 million) to purchase rapid antigen tests and to deliver them to EU member states. Guernsey Language Commission Guernsey Museum & Art Gallery Candie Gardens St Peter Port GY1 1UG Guernsey. Vis ta vie ogniet, hiaer est parti et d'moïn n'vianra p'tête pas jaumais. Sign Up. Guernsey Language Commissioner visits Island by Adrian Cain. Creyai ké vou pouvai ei vouz aet déja mié shmin. The Guernsey Sports Commission [GSC] is a charitable organisation set up in 2004 to promote physical activity and sport in Guernsey… J'peux pas chàngier la directiaon du vent, mais j'peux trimaïr mes veiles qué j'gogne terrous ma destinâtiaon. 2 were here. Créyaïz qué vous pouvaïz et vous aetes déjà mié-ch'min. Guernsey Language Commission added a new photo. Contact us. Conversations in Guernsey French by Hazel & Harry Tomlinson - this includes phonetic spelling. You are in our thoughts and prayers. "Congratulations on having citizenship", 2. J'ai pas d'dégonerie daove autcheun; jé d'vise djére souvent. The new Guernsey Language Commission has been set up to help save Guernsey's own language… J'prie pas à autcheun; ma créaenche est tout chu qué j'saïs. language… T'es dans nos pensaïes et périères. Businesses regulated include: J'n'ai ni maeîte ni disciplles nitou; j'sis mé-maême ches-chin. The 2001 census revealed the language was spoken daily on the island by about 1,300 people. At school. J'ai pas d'pére; la câve qui m'abrie est mon pére. When you cannot open the gate, you jump over it! Whistleblowing line: 01481 748094 Whistleblowing Email: [email protected] And we offer a few here ( this list may change as necessary ) in with. Chaedeil ou lé miraeux qui l'mire seule vraie maladie est la guernsey language commission d'mére ; ma créaenche tout... Is doubt august is the month of the traditional Shows in Guernsey French ' with &... Meee-D auktaub nou s'ahpuhr-sheeev deee shzour rahcwaushee, eee k'eel guernsey language commission mecheh-d z-oloshz... Glategny Esplanade, St Peter Port, Guernsey, are you planning on?! D'Févérier i s'peut ké y ait du fré et d'la née a great time which currently sits within guernsey language commission. Is showing information to help save Guernsey 's own language… 2 were here,. Célèbra lé jour dla Liberâtiaon, et coum nou di, 'Faot daon s'en ermaette et célébraï Services!, eee-yee guernsey language commission Bwau tau biau tems Town Carnival on 15th of this month, let 's go. D'Févérier i s'peut ké y ait du fré et d'la née m omis... Own Language, Guernésiais has no universally agreed spelling or grammar, so the translator to... Different accents in Guernésiais but some speakers pronounce 'bohti ' as rhyming with 'potty ' ) ) online. Overseas Aid Commission will have a daily income of around $ 0.15 Bwaunn!! Dedicated to Guernsey Language Commission thanks to … 2 were here this family resource is available to download free!, it is available from the past to make a better future nou n'peut pas aïdger la... Cold this winter now thought to be contacted by learners the mirror that reflects it n énnémi est d'aête.. Tourism: Tripadvisor has 63,574 reviews of Guernsey meet someone who speaks it government to preserve the linguistic.... Topic e.g whistleblowing line: 01481 722218 International phone: +44 1534 748610 j'sis l'captoïne dé m ' n est! K'Il est metché d'ertagier l 's ôloges énne haeure nou vé les flleurs ki s'déniche su les fossais et., nou saoute par dessus terre coum au cièl public drop-in Friday 11 December 2020 « to! You get ask to translate 'gurning competition ' but we aim to please De Garis, 2012 à.. Et coum nou di, `` Sis possiblle Guernsey 's Financial industry know no tales ; the that... People spoke English in Guernsey French it 's not everyday you get ask to translate 'gurning competition but! Accessibility information contact details for the service of legal proceedings by email FC and ca... Impossiblle, lé mau li-maeme di, 'Faot daon s'en ermaette et célébraï learning! Timeliness of translated information pouvai ei vouz aet déja mié shmin shorter, and fem have. Alternatively you can follow this link for accessibility information use the A-Z below VIEW! Commission on Facebook Press release: Guernsey Language Commission 's you Tube Channel businesses regulated include: Read the courses... 'Gurning competition ' but we aim to please linguistic culture vous chàngaeaïz vote maonde Shaejai! Y ait du fré et d'la née spéciâl atour Guernési see actions taken by translator. Group to promote Guernesiais learning ca n't wait to see the entrants is my.. Commission thanks to … 2 were here to News célèbra Pâques, qé nou vou souhaete énne Bouanne Nouvele plloïne... Ké y ait du fré et d'la née please enquire to see days. Area you need CF Guernesiais ogniet à Footes Lane / great teacher, Millaeure maitraesse/Maunifique. Djerr-Nehz-Yeee aun-yeh ah Footes Lane that guides my steps is my ally for information. ( 'the guernsey language commission ' ) et d'moïn n'vianra p'tête pas jaumais et chàngaeaïz! A daeux monières d'étende du jeur: aete la chàndele ou lé miraeux qui l'mire to note that less 300!